Caving, a unique way to explore nature

I’ve recently taken an interest in rock climbing. I purchased some of my own equipment and have been going to various climbing gyms to explore my options. I was planning on getting my lead climbing certification some time, but after seeing the photo essay on National Geographic, I want to do this as soon as possible. All of the sudden I have an interest in Caving (or Speleology if you want to be scientific). Caving, in particular, is the recreational companion of speleology, which means you do the activity, only without the research/work involved. I believe that travel should be about experiences rather than general site seeing. Stories always sound better when you describe an interesting experience on your travels. I didn’t just go to Vancouver Island last year, I hiked 75 kilometers along the West Coast Trail with a 70 Litre bag on my bag with a group of close friends. That experience allowed me to appreciate the nature and challenge more than just taking a bus tour at some touristy location. I came out satisfied that I accomplished something that many people would not even dare to attempt.

Check out the National Geographic article and amazing photo gallery.


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