Be Smart, Don’t get a Job!

To follow my mini rant about corporate life from the first post, I decided to post an article albert-einsteinentitled “10 Reasons you Should Never Get a Job.” It is written by Steve Pavlina who runs a blog named “Personal Development for Smart People” where you can find an abundance of useful articles about developing yourself and the lives of others around you.

This is not your typical top 10 list. It is a full-fledged attack against sticking to the norm, getting a job, and trading your time for money. Steve makes some very good points about how reasonably intelligent people are making the mistake of getting a job and missing out some of life’s greatest experiences. Once you read this article, you will realize that all of your beliefs about job security, getting promotions/raises, and gaining experience are wrong! Although I am still categorized as one of the dummies in the article, this blog is my first towards a life free of corporate nonsense. It’s a long read, but well worth it.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • Getting a job is like enrolling in a human domestication program.  You learn how to be a good pet.
  • Why is getting a job so dumb?  Because you only get paid when you’re working.  Don’t you see a problem with that, or have you been so thoroughly brainwashed into thinking it’s reasonable and intelligent to only earn income when you’re working?
  • You only get paid a fraction of the real value you generate.  Your real salary may be more than triple what you’re paid, but most of that money you’ll never see.  It goes straight into other people’s pockets. What a generous person you are!
  • When you run into an idiot in the entrepreneurial world, you can turn around and head the other way.  When you run into an idiot in the corporate world, you have to turn around and say, “Sorry, boss.”
  • When you want to increase your income, do you have to sit up and beg your master for more money?  Does it feel good to be thrown some extra Scooby Snacks now and then?

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One Response to Be Smart, Don’t get a Job!

  1. Gabrysia says:

    Harsh . But True.

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