The Point

My name is Mike.

I’m a lower level IT professional working for an IT Consulting firm. I’m living the life that my parents imagined for me when they decided to immigrate into Canada nearly 20 years ago. I graduated from university and joined the workforce like any normal young man would. The pay is decent and there’s always room to learn new things in this ever-evolving industry.  I figured this: If I work hard, put in more hours, obey stupid rules, and wait for someone to quit or get fired in order to move my way up the “ladder”, all of this might be worth it! Then,  if I repeat this cycle for another 10-15 years, devoting more and more of my life to a company I don’t care for, I might get that big promotion that I worked so hard for. I’ll finally be at the top!

…only to realize that now my hours are longer, my work is harder, I’m more stressed out than ever, and at the end of the day, I’m STILL someone else’s bitch!

That’s how I see the corporate life: routine, boring and full of false promises. So, like most people, I have other interests and aspirations. And today I am pleased to say that those other interests are what this blog is all about. I believe that everyone possesses a drive to try new things and live better lives, but I know that most people lack the motivation to act on that drive. They perpetually postpone living a full life or settle for watching someone else live it on TV.

The point of this is to have a destination for those who want useful inspiration and ideas on developing their personal life, discovering new things, thinking innovatively, traveling the world, staying fit, and freeing themselves from the trap of corporate life.

I will post as frequently as I can, and I welcome any suggestions on improving the blog. If you have any links to things that inspire you, please share them in the comments section.

I  hope you enjoy what I have to offer and I hope you share any interesting things with others.


2 Responses to The Point

  1. Gabrysia says:

    I think your blog is going to awesome, and I am confident its going to be helpful for many readers. You’re one of the most resourcefull people I know, and I can’t wait to tap into some of that knowledge through here.

    Here’s a video for you, to complement your ‘point’

    Music and Life – Alan Watts

    • mikerzepka says:

      I remember this video from a while ago. I could never find it. It really puts things in perspective.

      Thanks Gabrysia

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